5 Hair Tips to make it easy for you !

Your hair and scalp needs a little TLC ! Healthy scalp = Healthy hair. Healthy hair = more manageable.

Rule number: Customise your routine to your lifestyle. With time and consistency you can achieve the results you want 🙂

Tip 1: Massage oil into your scalp before washing your hair.

This helps treat your scalp and also helps remove any buildup of dirt and dead cells while shampooing !

Oiling your scalp before shampooing makes sure that your scalp isn’t stripped off it’s natural oils.

Tip 2 : Avoid Using tools on your hair as much as possible. Constantly using hot tools to style can be quite damaging.

Limit blow drying and put your hair up in a bun once you air dry for natural volume !

Tip 3: Don’t forget to use a Heat resistant serum every time you use a styling tool.

Heat resistant serums or sprays help prevent hair damage and allow you to style your hair at your convenience.

Tip 4: Fill in your Hair line

An even hairline not only brings more attention to your facial features but also helps look youthful. If you struggle with uneven hairline use an eyeshadow or hair powder that matches your hair colour and fill in !

Tip 5: This has to be our favourite.

Weekly masks and massages. Hair Masks and massages help deeply rejuvenate and revive the scalp and help fasten hair growth.

Here’s an easy DIY hair mask : Mix in some Curd , coconut oil and a little aloevera and apply it onto the scalp and wash off after 10-15 minutes.

Additional tips:

• Incorporating a hair massage tool can help tremendously to stimulate the scalp for healthy hair growth.

• Once your washed hair is dry, use your fingers to massage and rub your scalp to create and increase volume.

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