5 mistakes to correct right now for clear skin !

Even though it sounds like a distant dream sometimes Clear skin is achievable. Achieving clear skin is a process. With a little bit of practice and consistency you can get your skin to level up !

Today we will be discussing and highlighting some really necessary changes that need to be made for clear skin.

Let’s Begin with

1. Cleaning your phone screens !

Yep, you read it right. Phone screens can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So make sure you disinfect your phone screens every once in a while especially if you tend to take phone calls without accessories.

2. Tone your skin.

Toning your skin is an essential step of skincare especially after using a cleanser. Toners help balance the pH of your skin, soothe and treat the skin. Depending on the toner you choose it can help hydrate your skin, prevent acne, etc.

Tip: Tap your toner into the skin.

You can also Use toner on a cotton pad to double cleanse your skin.

3. Cleanse your skin evenly for at least 40 seconds.

Often we tend to concentrate on certain areas of our face more than other areas. Make sure you are cleansing and massaging your entire surface area. Don’t miss out on your forehead or the sides of your cheek.

Tip: Foam your cleanser on your hands before you start cleansing your face.

4. Bedtime Hygiene

We often tend to neglect this part along with 7-8 hours of beauty sleep we need to also focus on our sleeping conditions which includes making sure our bedsheets and pillow covers are changed often to avoid bacterial growth !

5. Stop popping your pimples

Popping pimples can be quite pleasing but they also leave behind scars ! Incorporating a spot treatment into your routine should help you zap the zit.

Lastly don’t forget to disinfect your makeup tools and your storage space to prevent growth of bacteria on your products !

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