7 Signs that your skin needs more attention and your routine isn’t working for you.

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With so many products out in the market it can be a little hard to choose the right one and also get the absolute results you want.

The most common mistake is using the wrong products/ingredients for your skintype and skin concern.

Here are a few signs to help you out !

1. Suddenly Breaking out or only breaking out while using a certain product:

A very common sign of a product or ingredient not suiting your skin is the break out that follows with using it !

Tip: Notice areas of breakout if this is concentrated to a specific region or all over the face. Allow the skin to adjust to the new product by using it for at-least 2 weeks.

2. Your skin is peeling!

Acids are great for the skin. But often you’ll notice your skin peeling especially, if you’ve been incorporating stronger concentration of acids into your skincare routine. Acids tend to dry out the skin. Hence it’s essential to not over do acids !

Tip: Don’t combine alphahydroxy acids with salicylic acids and retinol. Depending on your skin type one acid can do the trick. It’s best to consult a dermatologist to understand the best level/concentration or type of acid you need to incorporate into your routine !

3. Rashes on the skin !

A clear indication to an allergy reaction caused by a certain ingredient or product. This is why, its absolutely necessary to know your skin and Ingredients that suit your skin. If you experience rashes very often. Consider switching to mild and hypoallergenic products !

Tip: Try to not irritate the skin more by using chemical or physical exfoliants until your skin is healed.

4. Your skin has become more oily!

For oily skin, We often tend to use products that can be drying since we don’t want to make our skin “oily”. What we actually end up doing in this process is stripping off the natural oils and drying out the skin further causing it to produce more oils to combat this dryness !

Tip: Include water based moisturizers or gel based creams with hyaluronic acid which provides hydration and a weekly mud or charcoal based mask to keep the excess oil at bay !

5. Your skin feels tighter and drier.

Even if you aren’t someone with dry skin. You can dry out your skin by incorporating acids, retinol or just because of your cleanser stripping off your skin’s natural oils!

Tip: Stay away from acids for a while and incorporate humectants like hyaluronic acid.

6. Your skin feels stingy or burns.

If you experience a burning sensation on application of a new product that lasts more that 5 minutes, wash it off ! This could mean the ingredients aren’t suitable or your skin could be super sensitive!

Tip: Use gentle ingredients like Vitamin C instead of retinols.

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