All You need to Know: Feminine hygiene Part 1.

Feminine Hygiene is a less discussed topic in a normal Indian Household. With so much information available on the Internet people are still confused about what to really do and what not, well we don’t blame you because we’ve all been there.

With so many articles put out about the same topic and then later coming across contradicting articles can really really set you off and make you wonder what really is right ?

To start with Feminine Hygiene we are gonna start with the Hygiene part or How to keep your Nether Region Clean. In the Part 2 we will be discussing more about Feminine Hygiene Products for menstruation.

To begin with it’s really important to understand your body.

A lot of us ladies think that the Vagina is the whole area down there. Well, no the Vagina is the opening that is also known as the birth canal which is also from where the menstrual blood leaves your body. So the majority of what we see is not the Vagina it’s the Labia.

Here’s a simple article related to Female anatomy to understand your lady bits better !

Now that we are done discussing about that, here’s something that is really important to understand. The Vagina is self cleaning and has a pH Of it’s own. That means the vaginal canal doesn’t need to be really cleaned so it’s really important to not use anything inside there because that can mess up your pH balance and cause infections.

Similar Using Soaps and Harsh Cleanser down there can disrupt the pH balance and also make you prone to infections.

For the most part it’s highly recommended to use Feminine hygiene washes just around the Labia and not inside the Vagina. Feminine hygiene washed are recommended because they are specifically made keeping the nether region in mind with the right pH balance.

It’s best to limit the use of Feminine washes as well to avoid the chances of disrupting the pH balance down there. Feminine washes help the most during menstrual cycles and after menstrual cycles, again around the labia nothing inside!

For women prone to infections its best to use a mild wash around the labia once in a while to make sure everything is clean !

If you feel you are too young to use a Feminine hygiene wash a mild soap like dove does the job just fine as well but make sure you don’t put anything inside the vagina to clean the insides because the next thing you know you are at the doctor getting prescription for an infection.

There’s also something else that can save you when you are on the go time and need instant pick me ups.

Feminine wipes!

Feminine wipes can help you out when you need a quick clean but are probably not in a situation to do a through clean. Again these are also supposed to be used only around the labia and not inside.

Also, When it comes to feminine hygiene products choose one that you are most comfortable with. (We will be posting another article on that one soon so keep an eye out.)

Here are some additional Bonus tips to help you out !

Tip 1: Once in a while switch up those skinny jeans for something comfortable, this helps avoid ingrown hair due to pressure and also avoids infections to a huge extend.

Tip 2: It’s very important to switch your underwear, especially if it’s wet. Wearing wet clothes for a longer time can make you prone to yeast infections as they thrive in a moist environment. So make sure you switch up your garments for a clean one the next time you take a run or come back from the gym!

Tip:3: An Important thing to note would be purchasing cotton underwears, cotton underwears dry faster so in a situation where you really cannot change these would still dry faster compared to other fabrics like silk.

P.S wearing cotton underwear is also better because the more the cloth allows air to pass through the better!

Tip 4: Avoid using Scented Tampons, that can heavily mess with your pH !

Tip 5: This has to be the most Crucial Tip, ALWAYS wash and sanitize your hands before and after touching your nether region. Especially if you use a tampon or a Menstrual Cup !

Tip 6: Keep yourself hydrated because water solves almost everything!

That’s it guys ! Thank you for reading, we hope this answered some of your questions. We’ll be discussing more topics like this often here, if there is something you want us to discuss make sure to leave a comment down below and we will start drafting!

Until Next Time !

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