Anti aging tips

To simply describe Anti aging : Anti aging is the process of delaying, slowing or sometimes even reversing the signs of aging !

Today we are discussing few steps and tips to prevent your skin from aging rapidly !

At number one we have Sun Protection:

Yep, if you aren’t protecting your skin against the damage caused by Sun you are pretty much doing the opposite of anti aging !

Tip: Always use an Spf of 30 or higher and don’t forget your neck,armsand any exposed region !

2. A healthy lifestyle

You already know this one a healthy diet and exercising regularly can go a long way !

Studies have proven that having a well balanced diet can help prevent early signs if aging.

Tip: Include lots of fresh vegetables, antioxidant rich fruits in your diet !

3. Avoid smoking and alcohol as often as you can

Alcohol can actually dry out your skin causing early signs of aging.

Smoking can also cause early signs of aging and also effect your health!

Tip: Try to stay hydrated internally and externally!

4. Cleanse and Exfoliate Gently:

Avoid using harsh cleansers, soaps and exfoliation products on the skin.

Everytime you use am exfoliating product make sure you massage or rub in gentle motions without irritating the skin !

Irritated skin tends to age and show signs of aging !

5. Don’t forget your moisturisers and hydrating serums.

With time your skin tends to age and become drier than usual that is why moisturising and hydration is key ! Always moisturise after sunscreen and before makeup !

6. Don’t forget to include an eye cream or eye treatment into your routine.

Your under eye region is different compared to Eye products and hence need products that are formulated specifically for that region !

Here are some tips that would help :

• Always be gentle with how you handle your skin.

•Incorporate facial oils and massages.

•Make sure you remove your makeup everyday before bedtime.

•Follow a simple skincare routine and Include exfoliation twice a week.

•Avoid refined sugar in your diet.

That’s it for today hope this helps !

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