Bikini Line 101

Today we are discussing how to take care of your Bikini Line. This includes everything from hair removal to tips and tricks to maintain the area around your Bikini Line.

Let’s begin with Hair Removal

For Hair removal you can choose between Waxing, shaving, epilators or you could also consider Lazor Hair removal.

If you have a good pain tolerance we would recommend Waxing as it helps remove the hairs from the root. Shaving is a great option as it’s easy, efficient and also considerably cheaper.

Tip: If you have dark and thick hair and want a smoother (after hair removal) bikini line waxing would be a better option for you.

Ingrown hairs:

Ingrown hairs are hairs that grow back into the skin after hair removal.

Here are some of our favourite tips prevent ingrown hair :

• Prep your skin before shaving.

Exfoliate and prep your skin before you shave to get the closest shave.

For exfoliation you can use your favourite body scrub or a loofah.

We Recommend using a brightening Scrub around the bikini line if you are also concerned about pigmentation.

Tip: Exfoliate in gentle up and down motion.

• Replace your razors often.

• Tone your skin once you are done waxing or shaving !

• If you suffer from ingrown hairs from shaving Switch to waxing or use a new Razor Everytime you shave for a smoother shave.


For Tackling pigmentation around your bikini line we recommend following/setting a skin care routine for your bikini line.

•Focus on exfoliation and moisturising your bikini line.

Exfoliation helps get rid off any dead skin cells and helps revive your skin. Make sure you are gentle and Not damaging your skin as skin damage can add to the pigmentation.

Moisturizer is key to preventing skin darkening especially after hair removal.

•Incorporate Products that help treat pigmentation issues.

Now that we’ve discussed Hair removal and maintenance.

Lastly here’s Our Favourite Hack for a smooth clean shave.

Prior to shaving we recommend applying some coconut oil or baby oil after exfoliation around the bikini line to soften the hair and the skin for a smoother and cleaner shave.

We also recommend using razors with four blades to get a clean shave. Don’t forget your after shave care. Tone and Apply a gentle moisturizer to prevent dryness and skin darkening!

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