Bodycare made easy for you and Healthy Skin.

Maintaining a Body care routine helps maintain your skin and keeps it healthy.

You don’t necessarily need an elaborate body care routine for healthy smooth skin.

Tip: Maintaining a body care Routine can help with Body acne !

Here are few our favourite tips for healthy softer skin.

Before we begin we would also like to mention that the skin on our body is different than the skin on our face !

Our facial skin is extremely sensitive and delicate compared to our Body.

Let’s Begin with


For cleansing you can choose between a wash or a soap. There are lots of options available in the market find one that suits your needs.

Tip: You can also choose artisanal custom soaps or washes that contain hydrating ingredients.


Yep, You read that just right ! Exfoliating your body Is quite an essential that most of us tend to skip. Exfoliation helps get the circulation going, get rid of accumulated dead skin cells and helps reveal softer and fresher skin and is especially great to tackle those those dry patches around your elbows and knees!

Regular Exfoliation also helps prevent ingrown hairs, acne and also helps prep your skin for shaving or waxing !

Tip: You can DIY your own scrub but we would recommend choosing a body scrub that has some additional benefits.

Tip: You can also look for body scrubs with Actives and acids like salicylic or glycolic to help fight body acne.


Even though not necessary you can always include a masking treatment for your body especially to tackle Hyperpigmentation and dullness !

Including Masks or ubtans during your bath time routine can help you deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

Tip: You can always DIY a ubtan at home with some chickpea flour and curd for healthy glowing skin.

Body Butters:

Body butters help pack in all the extra hydration and nourishment your skin needs !

Since body butters are formulated specifically for the skin on your body, body butters guarantee deep hydration.

Tip: Follow up with a body oil to seal the hydration and nourishment.

Body Oils:

Body oils can be considered an extra step to your body care routine but they are guaranteed to work their magic on your skin. When used after bath time or as the final step of your body care routine. They help lock in moisture and hydration making your skin softer and supple.

Body oils helps maintain your skin, prevent signs of ageing and also help tackle concerns like dryness or dullness.

Tip: We recommend checking out our range of Body oils, there’s one for everyone !

Additional tips:

•Do not forget your Spf ! Always apply SPF on areas that are exposed to sunlight before stepping out.

•You can also Dry brush/exfoliate your skin (body) to help with cellulite.

•You can also use the Olive oil in your pantry to massage your skin !

•Using a Chemical peel/mask once a week can help with deep exfoliation and prevent acne.

Hope these tips help, Until next time !

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