Brightening Products to Try.

Before we discuss products, let’s discuss what Brightening products do.

Brightening products help brighten your skin complexion and help target your blemishes, pigmentation issues while evening out your skin tone !

How do Brightening Products work ?

Most Brightening products work by preventing the formation of excessive melanin in the skin.

Here are our some of our Favorites that help do the same !

Starting with the ;

Milk and Massage Cream

A gentle bleach free blend formulated specifically for the facial skin ! The cream helps target any visible pigmentation issues and helps even out the skin tone.

Along with brightening the skin, the formulation also helps prevent break outs and makes your skin glowy and healthy !

Tip: Consistency is key.

How to use : All you need to do is massage the cream gently into the skin for 10-15 minutes at-least twice a week.

The Cream can also be used under the eyes for Dark circles !

Milk and Turmeric scrub

Exfoliation is quite essential when it comes to brightening, your complexion shines when your skin it smooth ! Rough and dry skin can often look dull. Exfoliating regularly helps fasten your skin’s cycle and prevents any dead skin cells from accumulating on your skin.

The Milk and Turmeric Exfoliating Scrub is a gentle non-abrasive physical exfoliant that is formulated specifically to combat dullness and tan !

The Scrub is formulated with ingredients that pack in brightening effects while improving your skin’s texture and appearance !

How to use : Gently massage and scrub damp skin at least once a week to get rid of any dead skin cells !

Spf !

Yep, you read that right. UV protection is key to bright skin as the rays from the sun can fasten the production of melanin in your skin causing you to tan or develop sun spots !

If Sunscreens feel like an Hassle to you we recommend you check out our Carrot seed and Goji Berry Formulation !

A matte oil free Formulation that blends into your skin without leaving a white cast. The Sunscreen also doubles up as moisturizer due It’s non drying and nourishing Hybrid Formulation. The Carrot seed helps prevent skin damage caused due to the sun !

Complexion care for your Body.

If you’ve been worried about pigmentation issues on your body, especially around your neck, underarms, elbows, knees and inner thighs using the Colour Correction cream can help you tone and even out your skin complexion.

The Colour Correction cream is a bleach free blend of skin brightening ingredients that inhibits the production of melanin.

How to use : Massage directly onto areas on concern for 15 minutes and let it absorb into the skin.

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