Commonly asked questions Part 2 : Sunscreen edition

1. Why do I sweat after applying Sunscreen ?

You’ll be surprised to know, We actually sweat the same product or no product as it depends on the temperature.

If the climate is humid you mighy experience and notice excessive sweating and if the climate isn’t too hot or humid you might not notice any !

We recommend checking out matte formulations.

Tip: Apply your sunscreen 15 minutes prior to stepping out and avoid application in a hurry to prevent sweating it out.

2. How do I apply my sunscreen?

The process is similar to applying a moisturizer but not exactly the same. Number one difference; Your sunscreen needs to be applied evenly onto the surface and doesn’t need to be massage into the skin !

Massaging the product into the skin can also cause sweating.

3. Can I do anything else additionally to prevent sweating or to control oily skin ?

Yes ! You can use a loose powder or your regular compact powder to set your face or to control the oil.

4. How often should I reapply my Spf ?

If you use a normal sunscreen, It’s best to reapply your sunscreen as soon as you sweat it out. Otherwise it’s recommended you reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours.

5. Do I have to wear my sunscreen indoors ?

Yes, as long as the sun-rays can reach you it’s crucial to wear your sunscreen indoors particularly if you work by the window pane or anywhere the sunlight hits you directly.

6. Is higher number SPF better than smaller number SPF ?

Dermatologist recommend using a Sunscreen with an SPF of at-least 30 as no SPF blocks out 100% of the sun’s UVB rays.

7. Do higher number SPF allow me more time outside in the sun before reapplication?

Nope, no SPF blocks 100% of the Sun rays hence higer number SPF doesn’t allow you extra time out in the sun. Reapplication is key !

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