3 step easy Hair care Routine for Indian Summers featuring Glamaroma Products.

After our recent summer ready hair care post a lot of you guys wanted us to create a post hair care guide featuring our products ! We thought it was a fantastic idea especially for people that are just figuring out haircare.

Let’s start with the basic;

Cleansing and Conditioning.

A good Cleanse helps get rid of the dirt and oils on the scalp and the hair, allowing the scalp to breathe and also allowing you to feel fresher.

Cleansing your hair can also strip away the natural oils from your scalp so it is advised to not over wash! Maintaining a schedule can help with taming your scalp and hair!

We recommend shampooing your hair once in 3 days or 2 depending on the humidity!

Also Switching to a shampoo that is sulphate free helps keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Always follow up with a conditioner after cleansing to lock in the moisture and prevent frizz.

Conditioning is pretty important because cleansing strips away all the natural oil and conditioners help with locking in all the moisture which in return smoothens the hair and also prevents frizz!

We recommend checking out our Saffron Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner.

Two super gentle and Sulphate free Formulas enriched with the highest quality of Persian Saffron that focus on cleansing and deep conditioning of the scalp and the hair strands. Suitable for all hairtypes and can be used through out the season.

The shampoo and conditioner duo also helps tackle hair loss and promotes health hair growth.

Check out the Shampoo and conditioner here.

Masking/ Oiling:

Hair masking is an absolute treat for your scalp and your hair! Using hair masks can help deep condition, help with hair loss, promote blood circulation and healthy hair growth.

Hair masks can strengthen your hair from root to tip and prevent hair breakage and hair fall. Hair masks can be of different types, some target hairfall, some target repair of damage.

We personally recommend trying out hair masks if you are especially troubled by dry, brittle and frizzy hair!

Check out our soothing And Rejuvenating Hair mask !

This little tub is literal magic. Along with soothing and relaxing your scalp and hair it helps repair damage, prevent hair fall

promotes healthy hair growth and leaves the hair smoother and shinier!


Oiling your hair at least once a week can help prevent hair fall, strengthen your hair strands, repair hair damage and also promote hair growth. If you aren’t really into oiling your hair, hair masks are gonna be your hairs best friend but we highly recommend oiling atleast once in a while.

We recommend checking out our Daily Hydration oil, a light weight & non-tacky formulation that helps rejuvenate the scalp and the hair!

The third step Seal it in with a Hair Serum !

Yes, serums are a definite must especially after every hairwash to lock in the moisture and prevent frizz. Serums help tame your hair and also prevents your hair from becoming drier and brittle. Using a hair serum can help soften your hair and also make it look shinier and lustrous.

Maintain a weekly/monthly Hair care Routine can help de-stress and also help improve your Hair and rejuvenate your Scalp! So get on and start treating your Mane.

Product Recommendations:

•Glamaroma Saffron Rejuvenating Shampoo & Conditioner.

•Glamaroma Hair Restoration Oil.

•Glamaroma Rejuvenating Hair Mask.

•Glamaroma Ease the Frizz Serum.

You can also surf through our haircare section here >> Daily Haircare

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Until Next Time !

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