Facial Hair Guide : Removal

Before we begin with today’s discussion,let’s acknowledge that facial hair and peach fuzz are absolutely normal and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Today we are discussing few very common methods of Facial Hair removal

Let’s begin with threading;

Threading even though quite effective can be a tedious and painful process/experience depending on the person.

The process involves a cotton thread that is held taut and rolled in a particular direction over the skin to pluck hair at a follicular level.

Threading is commonly done around the eyebrows, forehead and upper lip area.

Next Up Waxing ;

A preferred and another very common type of hair removal practiced across the world. Waxing can be painful and quite a mess as it most times involves hot wax applied to the face and then finished by pulling it off along with the hair using a wax strip.

Waxing though sometimes painful is extremely efficient and not very time consuming.

Additional after care includes soothing your skin with ice or post wax gels !

Waxing is also brilliant if you specifically want to target certain areas like your upperlip or side burns.

Tip: You can also choose facial skin friendly wax strips for the same !

Tip: If you use hot wax, make sure the temperature of the wax isn’t too much for your skin.

Shaving or Derma planning

Shaving or Derma planning is a very quick and efficient way of facial hair removal. Shaving your peach fuzz makes your skin feel super smoother and also helps exfoliate your skin !

Before discussing further. Let’s address the biggest elephant in the room, Shaving your facial hair does not make it grow back thicker, this also depends on your facial hair growth.

Shaving your Peach fuzz won’t be an issue at all but for thicker hair growth shaving your facial hair would be mostly more of daily activity/commitment.

Tip: Make choices depending on your preference.

Epilators and Depilatory creams.

Two other quite commonly used hair removal methods.

Depilatory creams work by breaking down keratin bonds in hair for easy removal.

Usually they are applied directly onto the skin, allowed to sit for a few minutes before wiping or scraping the cream off.

Tips: Patch test before application.

Use depilatory creams that are formulated for facial skin.

Now coming to epilators;

Epilators work by plucking out hair from the roots. This process can be a little slower compared to shaving or waxing and slightly painful in the beginning especially if you have a thicker facial hair growth as it needs precision and patience.

Lastly we have Lazer,

A very commonly used method due to it’s results. Even though slightly expensive Lazer treatments provide relief from hair growth for a while.

Lazer treatment is done by exposing your hair follicles to light and pulses. Overtime with multiple treatments Lazer treatments help thin the hair growth.

Tip: We recommend Lazer treatments for brides to be as it’s efficient and effective for a few months !

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