Foot care made easy

You might not be surprised to know your feet is one of the most commonly neglected areas of body !

Foot care might sound a little intimidating to begin with but here are few easy tips to make it easy for you !

• Nail care:

Trim your nails as often as you can but make sure you don’t trim them too short to avoid ingrown nails.

Tip: Use a base coat prior to nail paint to protect your nails.

• Cleansing and Scrubbing :

Before you begin with your foot care routine it is important to make sure your feet is clean and prepped.

You can cleanse your feet with soap and lukewarm water in the shower or focus just on your feet prior to any product application.

Tip: For exfoliation we Recommend using a pumice stone for your heels and an exfoliating body scrub for the other part of your feet. Weekly exfoliating your feet can help maintain the appearance and hygiene of your feet.

Note: Do not use a pumice stone for any other part of your legs other than the heels.

Masking and Moisturizing:

If you want take your foot care routine to another level you can incorporate masking once in a while. You can choose between a brightening mask to tackle dullness or a hydrating mask to prevent dryness.

Your feet might be the most commonly neglected part of your body when it comes to moisturization. Make it a habit to moisturize your feed post shower, this will also help your skin to retain moisture.

During the winters wearing socks to bed post application of moisturizer can keep your feet moisturized and baby soft for longer.

Tip: Use a moisturizer that has been formulated for the feet.

Additional tips :

• Walking bare feet on tiled floors or outdoors can cause your feet to hurt dry up and cause calluses. Wearing slippers or softer sandals around the house can prevent calluses.

• Wear the right size of shoes. Wearing tight fitting shoes can cause pressure and friction causing calluses.

• Use products formulated for the feet to treat foot ailments like cracked heels.

• Treat your foot ailments by taking expert advice. Visit a doctor if you notice something unusual about your feet.

• Visiting a spa to relax your feet can help you relax your body and mind as well.

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