Haircare basics : Reasons Why washing your Day everyday isn’t a good idea !

Hello, its been a while and today we are discussing haircare.

To be Specific the Hair wash department.

You’ll find a lot of information on the internet or you’ll hear differently from different people. To begin with let’s keep in mind everyone’s hair and scalp reacts differently.

So basing on that here are a few reason why Washing your hair everyday isn’t a good Idea !

Strips your hair and scalp of it’s natural oils:

Over washing = stripping away the natural oils from your Hair and scalp making your hair prone to breakage, dry and brittle.

Stripping away natural oils from your scalp causes flaky ness and often leads to dandruff.

Causes your Hair to become rough and dry

Over washing = stripping away natural oils from the hair this makes strips away the shine from your hair making it lifeless and dull.

Dryness caused due to over washing Is linked to split ends.

Yes you read that right ! Dryness brittle hair is prone to split ends this can be caused due to over washing your hair.

Hair that isn’t washed regularly is easier to style !

Yep, strange but we all love how our hair settles on the second day or third day of wash don’t we ?

Natural oils in the hair and scalp provide texture and makes it easier to style.

Saves you the trouble of heat styling often.

Washing your hair everyday can lead to use hot tools to style regularly (if you are specifically used to using them) this not only causes damage but can be quite time consuming and money consuming.

Tip: Always use a heat protectant before styling your hair with hot tools !

Hair color lasts longer !

Yep ! Even if you use a color protection shampoo washing your hair everyday does actually wash away the color.

Washing less often helps slow down the fading process ensuring your hair colour stays vibrant and fresh longer !

Lastly, here are a few tips.

• Wash your hair at regular intervals depending on the volume and length of your hair. (Twice or thrice a week at the max)

• Always use a conditioner after shampooing to lock in moisture and prevent frizz or dryness.

• Use Diy masks or hair treatments to nourish and treat your scalp often.

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