Haircare secrets you should know

Excessive washing/shampooing can be damaging.

Wash your hair twice a week to get rid of any build up on the scalp and hair. Anything more than this can be a overkill and dry out your hair .

Always follow up with a conditioner.

Use Formulations that Sulphate and SLES free.

Invest in products that are gentle and do not cause harm to your hair.

Limit the use of Blow dryers

Let your hair dry naturally, using hair dryers can damage your hair. If you do have to use one. Use one at a cool setting.

Follow a healthy diet.

Incorporate lots of protein in your diet along with seasonal fruits and veggies!

Eating a good source of fatty acids also makes sure your hair grows healthier and quicker.

Use a wide tooth comb or a detangler to detangle your hair

Never sleep with your hair open

Going to sleep with your hair open makes your hair prone to breaking.

Oil and treat at-least once a week

Oiling your hair weekly helps rejuvenate and revive your scalp and hair. Oiling allows you to to restore and strengthen your hair.

additional tips :

Applying Coconut milk helps make your hair softer and much manageable !

A diy mask once a week with Banana, curd and coconut milk can help soften and treat the scalp!

Trimming your hair regularly helps keep split ends in control.

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