Summer Ready: Hair care 101

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So let’s get to the topic of the day.

We’ll be discussing a easy haircare routine to beat the summer heat, humidity and stress!!

Let’s begin with Cleansing:

Okay, this might sound pretty weird but we recommend not rinsing your hair every other day. Rinsing your hair every other day with a shampoo can strip off the natural oils from the hair and scalp causing the scalp to produce more oil making it more oily. Yes ! Just like your facial skin.

We recommend using a gentle and efficient cleanser that doesn’t strip of the natural oils leaving the hair brittle and frizzy.

You can check out the Glamaroma Saffron Rejuvenating Shampoo!


Never skip your conditioner especially with this weather. Shampooing can leave your hair dry and stripped off of natural oils. Conditioning helps to put some life back into the hair and also tremendously helps with avoiding frizzy hair.

Dry Shampoos:

Dry Shampoos are gonna be your hair and scalps best friend this season especially if you are always on the go. Dry Shampoos help soak in all of that extra oil, leaving your scalp and hair feeling fresh,

bouncy and voluminous !

Note: We recommend not going over board and at-least rinsing and conditioning your hair once in 4 days !

Reduce Heat !

Try to reduce the number of times you use a hot tool or a hot blow dryer. Switching to a cooler setting would be smart and using a heat protectant every time you do use a hot iron or curling machine!

Cover up:

To avoid direct sun damage, it is highly recommended to use a umbrella or a hat to cover up! There’s also shampoos and hair sprays with Spf available these days.

Tackle frizz:

Make sure you are conditioning your hair, use a hair serum that helps lock in the moisture in the hair shafts. Best tip would be to carry a tiny hair serum bottle bottle if you are on the go to tame the frizz !

Using a wide tooth comb can also help with preventing frizz !

Avoid Hair colour treatments:

Try avoiding colour treatments especially if you have extremely dry and brittle hair! And if you do make sure you are conditioning and taking extra good care.

Before Dipping into the Pool:

Chlorine can do a lot of damage especially to treated hair. Make sure your hairs protected or saturated with oil or leave in hair conditioner and do not forget to wash your hair after coming out of the pool!

Deep Condition:

Treat your hair & scalp with some hair masks to cool, soothe, nourish & rejuvenate. You can also diy hair mask or try treatments available in the market.

We recommend trying the The Hair rejuvenating mask a soothing and nourishing mask perfect to beat the heat.


Make sure you don’t skip on the oiling rituals! Make sure you are Oiling at least once a week or using a leave on conditioner to condition your hair.

Note: Leave on conditioner isn’t similar to the benefits of regularly oiling.

To conclude here’s some tips!

Tip: You can also use oils that are formulated to be used everyday. Using a daily oil helps protect the hair strands, nourish them and prevent frizz.

Tip: Do not forget your serums after wash!

Tip: Use a wide tooth comb to avoid frizz.

Tip: Do not go heavy with the dry shampoo and make sure you cleanse your hair atleast once in 3-4 days depending on your scalps condition!

Tip: Use masks that cool and soothe the scalp as well as the hair !

That’s it you guys thank you so much for reading and making it till the end.

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