Here’s Why you should Tone your Skin !

So Have guys been keeping up with us. We recently posted a post that featured steps of skincare.

Since then we’ve had requests to post about importance of using a toner.

So here it is,

Let us first start by discussing about the facial skin. Our Skin has a natural protective barrier that prevents infections caused by environmental factors. This protective barrier is known as the Acid Mantle, it is a thin layer made up of Sebum from the sebaceous glands which mixes with the sweat, amino acids and lactic acid to form the Barrier which is also referred to as the skin’s pH.

Ideally the pH should be slightly acidic and around 5.5.

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Note: A healthy pH contributes to a healthy skin!

👀Your pH can be disturbed:

Products that can cause a disturbance the pH of the skin includes your daily cleanser, facial soaps as they tend to be too alkaline.

Tip: Remember your skin is slightly on the acidic side naturally.

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Tip: Look for products that claim to be pH balanced.

Choosing a cleanser that is pH balanced and slightly acidic can help maintain the pH for all skin types.

Using Acids in your skincare can also disrupt the pH, hence it is absolutely essential to use a toner.

Now here’s what a Toner does and why you MUST Incorporate one in your ROUTINE.

Toners help balance the pH, the reason why they are referred to as the second step of skincare. Using a toner after cleansing your face helps to balance the pH.

A balanced skin barrier helps prevent infections, breakouts and also helps prevent skin ailments like rosacea and eczema.

Other than balancing pH which is an absolutely essential skincare need.

•Toners help with skin texture.

•Using a toner helps shrink and cleanse the pores.

•Using a Toner with anti-ageing ingredients can help tighten and rejuvenate the skin!

• Using a Toner can also help with reducing oily skin!

•Toner helps purify the skin and get rid of any accumulated toxins when used with a cotton pad.

•Using a cotton pad to swipe and apply toner also helps to get rid of any residual makeup or dirt on the skin as well!

•Toners can be of different types; choose a toner that suits your skin’s needs to maximise the benefits.

Using a toner can help your skin and drastically change your skin’s condition for the better. If you’ve never used one before now is the time to start!

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