How to get rid of Bacne (back acne)

Back Acne or Bacne is much more common than we think ! It can be quite painful sometimes other times not show any signs of pain !

Here’s what Causes Back Acne:

Bacne is caused either due to product buildup or due to build up of excess oils and dead skin cells. This is why it is absolutely necessary to include exfoliation into your body care routine.

Note: Bacne can also be caused due to Genetics and Hormonal changes.

That brings us to our first tip:


Exfoliation helps get rid of any accumulated dead skin cells and prevents clogging of pores which often leads to Bacne.

Tip: Pick products with Salicylic acid.

2. Use acne treatment to help you soother break outs !

You can incorporate your anti acne toners and gels to soothe and treat your bacne break outs.

Look out for ingredients like Tea Tree and other anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Tip: Using an Astringent or tea tree based toner can help reduce the production of sebum that cause bacne. Follow up with a Acne clearing cream of gel !

3. Choose your products carefully.

Sometime Back acne can be caused due to the products you use on your skin. Pick products that are non-comedogenic and Fragrance free if your skin is sensitive or prone to irritation.

Tip: Switching out your perfumes or deodorants can also cause bacne.

4. Wear lose clothes to bed:

Often sweat and dead skin cells can get trapped and rubbed against your skin due to tighter clothes causing friction and sometimes flaring up acne !

Tip: Sleeping naked once in a while also allows your skin get the breather it needs !

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind ;

• Make sure you sanitize all your luffas and bath sponges at least once in two weeks.

• Take cold showers to relax your skin.

• Change up your pillows and bed sheets every week !

• Avoid using body oils and butters on your back ! Use light and gentle moisturizers.

• Wash your bath towels as frequently as you can we recommend once every two days with antibacterial soaps.

• Incorporate products with AHA and BHA in your body care routine.

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