Un-Stretch those Marks: How to Fade Stretch marks.

To understand how to get rid of stretch marks, first we need to understand how they are formed. Today we will be introducing you to a super awesome product by our brand that works absolutely miraculously on stretch marks!

But first,

What are stretch marks ?

Stretch marks are formed mostly because of stretching of the skin. Stretching of the skin mostly happens when you gain weight or sometimes you can also get stretch marks when you loose weight.

Stretch marks usually fade away with time. Stretch marks also happen due to sudden stretching or shrinking of the skin. But you can also fasten the healing process by incorporating oils that soothe and treat scars.

Stretch marks are usually associated with:

Pregnancies, Puberty, weight gain or weight loss.

Is there way to prevent stretch marks ?

This can be a tricky part because sometimes stretch marks can also run in your family ! But For the most part you can definitely take precautions to prevent the appearance of stretch marks especially during pregnancies!

Introducing a star product from our range of Body Oils, The Glamaroma Un-Stretch Oil !

For years Women world wide have used Products with Cocoa Butter to minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

The Unstretch body oil is an exquisitely rich and power packed oil that is enriched with a blend of skin healing and repairing ingredients and oils in combination with Lots of Raw Cocoa Butter, mostly used to heal scars, flatten and smoothen wrinkles and stretch marks.

This Un-stretch body oil helps deeply moisturise and heal stretch marks caused due to weight loss, pregnancy or puberty.

The Un-Stretch Anti Stretch Mark Body Oil is a concoction of skin repairing oils that helps heal and prevent any unwanted scars duea to stretch or shrinking of the skin.

This blend of luxurious repairing oils seep into the skin without leaving any tacky residue on the skin.

Here’s a list of ingredients in this miracle scar Healing potion;

Avocado Oil: Best for sensitive and irritated skin. Rich with Vitamin B & E this ingredient is a perfect soothing and calming ingredient perfect for Acne prone or sensitive skin.

Rosehip Oil: Great for healing scars. A naturally rich source of essential fatty acids which include omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Which makes it ideal for reducing and healing stretch marks.

Lavender: Boosts collagen production and plumps skin

Castor Oil: Antioxidant rich oil that helps heal and moisturise skin and prevents drying out of stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter: Helps soothe dryness and itch and prevents the stretch mark from drying out and heal faster

Other ingredients also include,

Also contains Neroli, patchouli, emu oil, helichrysum,Vitamin E

How to fade & prevent stretch marks with the Un-stretch Anti Stretch Mark Oil:

All you gotta do is take few drops of the un-stretch oil and apply and massage it onto areas of concern twice or thrice a day and let it soak in completely.

The key here is to not let the skin/scar feel dry. You’ll be absolutely pleased and relieved to see how well this miracle oil works once you start seeing actual results. Now results may vary depending on skin types and how old the scar is but with regular and consistent use and not allowing the scar to feel dry or itchy you’ll be working towards healing steadily!

Here’s a link to our website for more details.

Glamaroma Un-Stretch Anti Stretch Mark Oil!

And a feedback from one of our customers that was pleased by her results!

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Please note : Results might vary depending on how long you’ve actually had the stretch marks for but consistent use of the Un-Stretch oil helps fade the marks and also repair your skin!

It is a blend of some of the most rich and skin repairing oils hence results are guaranteed!

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Thank you so much for reading!

We hope this helps. Until next time.

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