Is skin sensitivity and sensitive skin the same ?

Most of us feel sensitized skin is the same as sensitive skin. Yep ! That’s two different terms and two different skin conditions.

The difference between both is slight yet very important to know.

Sensitive skin is something you have no control over (nature of your skin), whereas skin sensitivity happens mostly due to external factors.

Sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin isn’t something that can be controlled since it’s mostly due to genetics. People with sensitive skin are more susceptible to skin irritations.

Sensitized skin:

Firstly, sensitized skin isn’t a skin type. It’s more under control and caused and triggered due to external and internal factors like the weather, environment, stress, food etc.

What generally happens in most cases of sensitized skin is your skin’s protective lipid barrier is damaged making it difficult to defend it from potential skin irritations. Sensitized skin is treatable and can be restored back to it’s former state !

What Causes Sensitized skin ?

Now that we know that sensitized skin isn’t a skin type and just a skin condition let’s discuss how it’s caused.

Sensitized skin can be result of overdoing your skincare or due to other external and internal factors.

Two very common symptoms of sensitized skin are;


•Redness and Itchiness.

How to prevent Sensitized skin ?

Three things to keep in mind are;

What you put on your skin: Assess your skincare and makeup products. Clean out any old products or products that do not suit your skin.

What you eat: Your diet does play a role in your skin’s condition.

What you are around: Most times the environment and climate plays a huge role in the skin’s condition.

How to Treat Sensitized Skin?

•Stick to this rule : Less is more.

•Use products that are mild and gentle.

•Never skip your sunscreen.

•Stay hydrated !

•Avoid aggressive cleansers for the time being.

•Limit the use of exfoliants. Avoid abrasive exfoliants until your skin is restored.

•Stop using Vitamin C, acid and AHA based products until your skin has recovered.

•Use soothing mists.

•Use cremes and humectants.

•Look out for Ingredients like ceramides that boost skin repair.

For sensitive skin type:

It is highly recommended you stick to a very simple routine that incorporates products that suit your skin.

Tip: Look out for products that are suitable and specifically made for sensitive skin.

Tip: Research your ingredients. It is recommended you consult a dermatologist for a skin specific routine !

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