Multi task with GlamAroma

New to skincare with GlamAroma ?

Today we are sharing all the ways you can Multitask with your GlamAroma skincare goodies !

Let’s start with our

Lip butter formulations:

Apart from being a brilliant nourishing lip treatments. These pure cocoa and shea butter formulations are brilliant for treating your cuticles before and after a manicure or even just as a nail cuticle treatment.

The Lip butter formulations are also

Excellent for adding a little shine to

Your braids or if you have curly hair, just make sure you don’t go overboard.

Milk and Turmeric Massage Cream :

A formulation perfected for pigmentation, blemishes and skin dis-colouration for the facial skin. The Milk and massage cream doubles up as a brilliant under eye treatment for dark circles.

A gentle massage every night and you’ll notice your under eyes doing and looking better !

The GlamAroma Aloe gel;

The Aloe gel is 90% pure aloe in a tub. You are free to use it in all The way you can. We like to apply it to prep our skin for makeup, as it creates a barrier between the skin and makeup.

You can also use to mix up with some honey to make a nourishing mask. Or use it directly on to the scalp !

The Dead Sea Mud Mask

Our Dead sea mud mask is a brilliant detox mask for your skin. A pure mineral based mud mask that doesn’t dry out your skin !

You can use it as spot treatment to zap your zits or use it as a skin tightening mask.

Rose gold Mist :

The Soothing mist doubles up as makeup setting and fixing spray making your foundation look seamless !

Tip: After misting the toner, use our Makeup sponge to dab the product into the skin.

Finally we have the Washed Ghee formulations.

The washed ghee formulations are pure ghee whipped up with love and washed 100 times. An excellent skin treatment that helps hydrate your skin deeply.

The washed ghee formulations also double up as a makeup remover, gently massage it into the skin with some water to deeply cleanse your skin, don’t forget to follow up with your regular facewash !

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