Pcod skincare

We recently did a whole post dedicated to skincare for PCOS, you can take a look at it Here.

Today we will be discussing skincare for PCOD. Let’s begin by clearing out that PCOD and PCOS are two different conditions.

PCOS is an endocrine system disorder while PCOD is a condition developed by the hormonal imbalance.

The exact cause of both PCOS and PCOD are unknown but hormones and genetics play a vital role.

In PCOD the hormonal imbalance is way more than in PCOS hence you might notice your skin getting triggered and breaking out much frequently.

Taking care of your skin an treating it well is an essential part of maintaining your skin !

Let’s discuss some essentials;

Always tone !

Toning your skin is key, toners help balance the pH of your skin. This helps prevent break outs and maintains the texture and condition of your skin.

• moisturise :

Hormonal imbalances can either cause your skin to become oily or dry.

Depending on your skin’s condition choose a moisturiser to moisturise and keep your skin protected.

Diet and Probiotics:

Diet is essential to tackle your hormonal imbalances and regulate and control your skim triggers. We recommend consulting your doctor for a custom diet that will help you prevent your skin from flaring up.

Including probiotics can help improve your skin condition.

Tip: Make sure your body is getting all the rest and nutrients it needs.

• Masking and Treating :

Hormonal imbalances caused due to PCOD or the hormonal imbalances that cause PCOD can cause changes in your skin. Hormonal imbalances can also cause hyper-pigmentation.

Treating your skin with exfoliating scrubs and brightening mask can help tremendously.

Tip: Use a hydrating mask once in a while if you experience dry skin and detoxing mask if your skin feels oily !

Controlling the oil production can help control acne and break outs too.

Tip: Include a treatment that helps take care of your acne, spots and blemishes.

Tip: Choose products that are gentle and consult a dermatologist if necessary.

PCOD Can also cause many hair related problems as well.

Here are our tips for the same;

• We recommend you make a switch to sulphate free formulations for cleansing and conditioning.

• Oil your scalp and massage it atleast once a week.

• Use masking treatments to soothe and stimulate your scalp.

• Use a hydration serum to lock in moisture after shower !

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