PCOS and skincare

PCOS and Acne pretty much go hand in hand. It can be quite disheartening when you don’t have dewy and clear skin especially when you are working on your skin !

But don’t worry. Clear skin isn’t something that’s unachievable. What is necessary is knowing your skin and your body while making your choices.

Here are few of our very own tried and tested tips to deal with Acne if you suffer from PCOS.

• Avoid Harsh Cleansers :

Use gentle formulations that don’t strip your skin off it’s natural oils yet cleanse your skin effectively.

Tip: Look for actives that help target acne.

• Exfoliation:

Incorporate gentle methods of exfoliation once a week. Avoid overdoing it or under doing it.

Tip: Avoid abrasive scrubs.

• Moisturise :

Even if your skin feels oily lack of moisturising can actually cause your skin to break out. Make sure you avoid that by using a gentle nourishing moisturiser.

• Diet :

Extremely important, what you put inside your body also effects how your body is doing outside. Try to avoid food that can cause inflammation.

Tip: Follow a diet that is rich in Omega – 3 Fatty acids. (Walnuts and avocados are a great source of Omega 3 )

• Take your probiotics :

PCOS can cause inflammation withing your body, probiotics can help reduce it. This also inturn benefits your skin.

Lastly please make sure you consult a specialist and keep up with your medications as advised.

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