Products you need this season featuring GlamAroma Beauty.

Monsoons are finally here !

Today we are discussing products you need this season : GlamAroma Edition.

Monsoons are an excellent time to relax but monsoons also bring in additional skin and hair care woes due to the humidity.

Let’s begin with


Cleansing is extremely important for both your skin and hair during Monsoons especially due to the humid weather.

Washing your face atleast twice a day and your hair twice a week can help you curb any infections or break outs !

For cleansing we recommend you check out our

Vitamin C cleanser ;

Gentle foaming for your gentle skin !

The Vitamin C facewash is a definite must try if you’ve been wanting to incorporate a brightening cleanser into your routine.

•The cleanser is a gentle blend that doesn’t dry out your skin and brightens your skin with every wash !

•A non drying formulation that keeps your sebum production in control !

•The cleanser is specifically excellent for blemished and acne prone skin that also tends to scar.

•A definite all rounder that you will not regret trying.

For your Scalp and Hair we Recommend you check out the Saffron Rejuvenating Duo.

Made with the Finest quality of saffron, The Saffron duos focus on cleansing and conditioning your scalp while promoting healthy hair growth from root to tip.

Feature Ingredients :

Persian Saffron : Helps prevent hair loss and greying.

Lavender oil: Excellent for the scalp and hair growth.

Rosemary : Helps prevent dandruff and other infections of the scalp.

Duos help;

• Cleanse & Condition

• Are sulphate and SLES free.

• Prevents and tames frizzy hair.

• Makes your hair soft and manageable.

• Makes your hair healthy and visibly stronger naturally.

Let’s move on to Toner ;

Toners are an essential step to building your skincare and your skin’s health barrier irrespective of the weather or season.

Always incorporate a toner depending on your skin’s needs. For this season we will be focusing on a blend that helps tone, balance and protect your skin from infections.

The Distilled Neem Water;

A Multitasker that can be used for your skin, hair and body !

The Neem water is 100% pure distilled neem.

Excellent for refining and protecting your skin.

The neem water helps;

• Tone and soothe your skin.

• Helps tackle dry scalp.

• Soothe acne and other skin irritation.

• Brilliant ingredient for your DIY masks.

Exfoliation + Masking.

It’s essential you For exfoliate and mask as often as you can during Monsoons as the weather is humid which makes the skin prone to break outs and dullness.

Focus on masks that brighten and treat.

We recommend checking out the the Dead sea Mud Mask, a pure mineral based mask that detoxes, refines and nourishes your skin all at the same time.

Follow up with a Moisturizer;

For Moisturizer we recommend checking out the Coconut Vanilla moisturizer, an Aqua based formulation that works brilliantly for all skin type and seals in hydration.

The moisturizer can be used both on the face and body.


Lastly don’t forget your SPF.

The GlamAroma Gojiberry And Carrot seed sun protection cream is an excellent matte, nom drying formulation that blends into the skin seamlessly. We highly recommend checking it out for you !

You will not regret using this one.

You can take a look at the products mentioned here.

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