Scalp and Hair care made Easy

Believe it or not healthy scalp = healthy hair. Scalp care is an essential part of hair care that facilitates healthy hair growth !

It’s essential to maintain a healthy balance for your Scalp this includes;

• Moisture and Oils.

• Cleansing

• Stimulation

• PH balance.

Let’s begin with

Moisture and oils;

Your scalp has natural oils that keeps your scalp healthy and manageable. Stripping away the natural oils of your scalp can Dry out your scalp and make your hair brittle. Washing your hair more than Twice a week can strip away the natural oils of your scalp.

Tip: Limit hair washing to twice a week.

Tip: Including Omega 3 into your diet can help improve the quality of your hair and scalp health!

PH balance :

PH balance is an essential part of Your scalp’s health. As a healthy PH is what guarantees healthy and strong hair. Imbalances in PH can cause hairfall.

Tip: Skip harsh shampoos and include fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Cleansing :

An integral part of scalp and haircare includes cleansing your scalp frequently. This makes sure your scalp is dirt and sweat free !

Tip: Include products that are gentle and suit your hair.

Tip: Don’t forget to follow up with your conditioner.

Stimulation :

Stimulating your scalp with oil and frequent massages help improve blood circulation which facilitates healthy hair growth and reduces hair fall.

Tip: Diy masks + massages are excellent to stimulate your follicles.

Additional tips :

• Always carry a Umbrella on sunny days to keep your head Protected.

• limit use of hot tools.

• Mask and oil at-least once a week

• Avoid wearing your hair in a tight pony tail.

• Limit the use of Dry Shampoo.

• Consult a specialist incase of excessive hair fall.

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