Skincare 101 : Essential oils : What are they and how to use them

Today we will discussing Essential oils.

How they can be incorporated into your skincare routine and how to use them !

Let’s begin with What they are.

Essential oils :

Essential oils are concentrated liquids derived from plants often used for aromatherapy, skin & haircare.

Essential oils are basically essences from the plant that retains their scent, flavour, etc.

Essential oils are procured through distillation. They are meant to be used topically but since they are concentrated liquids they are highly potent and need to be mixed in with Carrier oils before they are ready to use!

Essential oils are commonly used to inhale or diluted to be applied on the skin to stimulate the skin. They are also known to have medicinal properties!

There are over 90 Essential oils, each different with different properties. Most of them are used for aromatherapy and help with relaxing the mind and body !

How to choose Essential oils:

When picking Essential oil make sure you do your research first !

Three things to consider are:


Make sure you pick an oil/brand that doesn’t contain any added additives or synthetic oils.


Oils made extracted from quality ingredients tend to be more potent and effective !


Make sure you aren’t allergic to the product/oil ! Since Essential oils are super potent it can cause irritations for people with sensitivity (sense/skin)

Here are our Top favourites to make it easier for you to pick an oil based on their benefits!

Peppermint: Helps to boost energy.

Lavender: Helps with stress and insomnia.

Sandalwood: Helps to calm the nerves and helps with Focus and is great for the skin when applied topically.

Bergamot: Helps with stress and also helps treat skin conditions like eczema.

Rose: Helps to lift the mood, reduces anxiety and great for the skin.

Chamomile: Helps ease the mind, relaxes the mind and helps with insomnia.

Ylang-Ylang: Helps with body aches !

Tea Tree: Helps treat infections and is also anti fungal.

Jasmine: Helps with depression, lifts the mood.

Lemon: Great for the skin, sense and also relives muscle pain.


• Always Dilute your essential oil before applying it topically !

General rule is to keep the concentration level of essential oils below 5%.

• Follow proper Dilution method. Always research your oils both essential and carrier oils !

• Certain oils can cause photosensitivity. Especially citrus essential oils when exposed to sun can cause skin irritation !

• Diffuse Essential oils in well ventilated spaces, make sure you don’t exceed over 60 minutes since it can sometimes be too much and stress your body and the nervous system !

• Essential oils are flammable STORE THEM AWAY FROM CANDLES, GAS STOVES OR ANY Source of FIRE.

That’s it for today. Hope this article helps you choose an essential oil for your needs. We’ll be posting more about carrier oils in the next blog update !

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