Skincare for Brides to be

Wedding preps can get you stressed !

Here are our favourite fool proof tips for the busy brides !

Let’s begin with diet, hydration and rest :

Your diet is as important as your skincare. What you put inside your body also plays a huge role on how your body and skin feels.

We recommend cutting down on sugar, sodium and alcohol. This will help you clear out your skin get you ready for youe special day !

Tip: Hydration is key, make sure you drink lots of water, fresh juices and swap your caffeinated drinks for coffee.

While you work on your diet make sure you also get enough rest. Lack of sleep can cause stress, dehydration and patchy skin !

Now let’s talk skincare :


Essential step prior to beginning your skincare. Choose a gentle foaming cleanser with active ingredients that suit your skin type and target your skin concerns.

Tip: We recommend double cleansing !


You can either incorporate gentle daily Exfoliating products or exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your schedule/routine !

Exfoliating regularly will help you rejuvenate your skin by fastening the skin turnover cycle, slough off any dead skin cells and dirt and prep your skin for other steps of skincare.

Tip: Don’t forget to exfoliate your body !


Masking is an excellent way to pack in some extra care. We recommend multimasking. Targeting your different areas with masks that target different concerns.

Eg : A detox mask around your nose and chin to help with blackheads and sebum production and a hydrating or brightening mask on the rest of your face !


Moisturizing is key ! Hydrated skin = healthy skin. Don’t forget you under eyes, neck and your body !

Facials and treatments:

We recommend getting a facial done once a month for three months prior to your Big Day!

You can also include pedicures and manicures into the list to make sure you are wedding ready !

This will help you prep your skin and help you feel ready.

Tip: Don’t forget to take an appointment with your dermatologist for special treatments !

Additional tips :

• Maintain an easy efficient skincare routine.

• Do not skip your sunscreen.

• Keep your skin and body hydrated.

• Cut down on sugar, caffeine and alcoholic beverages.

• Incorporate antioxidant rich food in your diet.

• Maintain an easy hair and body care routine.

• Take care of your Nails and Foot !

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