Skincare mistakes you might be making !

Hello ! It’s been a while. Hope you guys have been well.

Skincare really is a vast yet simple subject let’s get straight into today’s topic of discussion !

These are some super common skincarevmistakes that we often make !

Let’s begin with the basics;

Not using the correct products for your skin type:

Yep! Most of us end up using products that are recommended by people without truly researching if the product is suitable for our skin-type or our skin concern.

So the next time you pick up a moisturizer just run through the description of the product and see if it’s something that caters for your skintype or skin concern !

Not washing your face often/washing your face too often:

One of the most mistakes that we end up making is we either over wash or under wash.

It’s is absolutely important to wash you face before bedtime and after you wake up in the morning especially for people with oily skin !

You need not wash your face more than thrice a day (thrice if you feel super oily/uncomfortable)

Tip: Always use a Facewash that is gentle and suits your skintype.

You are washing your face too fast:

Have you heard about the 60 second rule ?

The rule is pretty simple. All you have to do is massage your facewash and work it into the skin for atleast 60 seconds and allow the ingredients to activate and completely breakdown the dirt, pollution and any residual makeup and completely cleanse your face !

Speeding through your facewash would be like just taking a dip in the water without a good bath !

Skipping on toner after Facewash:

Thanks to so many articles and brands pushing toners we’ve finally started including toners in our routine. Toners are super important especially after cleansing your face to balance your skin’s pH level !

Toners also help prep your skin for additional skincare.

Tip: Find a toner suitable for your needs ! Eg: brightening, hydrating, anti-ageing. Just make sure you pick one without alcohol!

Skipping on your moisturiser:

Well, a lot of times especially people with oily skin end up skipping on moisturizer because we are worried about getting too oily throughout the day !

The crazy thing is we actually end up getting more oily when we skip our moisturizer because skin produces more Sebum to make up for the lack of moisture!

Tip: Use a light weight oil based serum or a non-comedogenic moisturizer !

Using you moisturizer as your eye cream:

Using just your regular moisturizer under you are eyes be too heavy for your under eye region. The skin under your eyes are super delicate and different compared to the rest of your face. It’s absolutely important to get products that are formulated specifically for the under eye region for your under eyes !

Tip: Your Moisturizer can not double as your eyecream but your eyecream can double as your moisturizer.

You aren’t exfoliating your skin as often as required:

Yes, you read that right ! Your skin has a 28 day renewal cycle. During this cycle your new skin is pushed on to the surface replacing your old skin. This 28 day skin regeneration cycle is what repairs your skin. This cycle can sometimes be fastened by incorporating products that help bring the new layer of skin onto the surface. One of the most common method/product used for this is an exfoliant !

Not exfoliating your skin often can cause your skin to remain clogged, develop texture and even acne !

You are Over exfoliating your skin:

Even though exfoliation has it’s perks, over exfoliating can cause your skin to become too dry and sensitive!

Tip: Exfoliate at-least once a week !

Skipping on your Sunscreen

Never, we repeat never skip your Sunscreen even on the most cloudiest day or even if you are indoors ! The suns rays can pass through clouds and even glass windows ! If you are anywhere where sunlight can hit you, you need that sunscreen!

Tip: Always choose a Sunscreen suitable for your skin type and one with at least an SPF of 30.

You might be not applying products in the right order !

The basic rule of skincare is to layer in products that go from lighter consistency to heavier. Layering products with heavier consistency like creams can block the lighter products to penetrate into the skin !

Tip: Cleanser > Toner > spot treatment > Serum> eye cream > moisturizer > facial oil > Spf (morning)

You follow multiple steps everynight:

It’s absolutely necessary to keep your skincare routine minimal yet effective as noy every product gets absorbed into the skin. Hence it’s not necessary to load up you skin ! Switch between treatments for your concerns or use light weight serums/concentrates to help you tackle your skin concerns !

Not using cleaning your skincare/makeup tools often:

It’s absolutely important to give your skincare tools or makeup tools a weekly or monthly cleanse ! Unclean tools can build up bacteria which can cause breakouts and also contaminate your products!

Neglecting the neck,chest, forehead & upper lips:

These are areas that show the first signs of aging ! Hence it’s absolutely important to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate these areas well !

We recommend using your eyecream around your lip area as most eye treatments have collagen boosting ingredients!

That’s it ! Thank you for sticking around till the end ! How many did you check in ? We are sure at-least a couple 😉 !

Until next time !

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