Steps to follow in Skincare.

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Today by popular demand we will be Doing a post on Steps of Skincare; featuring the order in which you should use your skincare products.

To begin with let us just put it in a simple and easy to understand way, your skincare products go according to their CONSISTENCY, which means the LIGHTEST first.

Following this rule is the easiest and simple to avoid confusions!

1. First step of skincare is a CLEANSED and Prepped skin !

Always make sure to Start by Cleansing your skin. For cleansers you could use any gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Tip: It’s recommended to use Gel based cleanser for oily skin and cream based for dry.

Tip: If you are someone that uses waterproof makeup, make sure to use an oil based cleanser to get rid of your completely before bed time!

Tip: Using a Facial Cleansing Tool can help deep cleanse.


Never skip your toner just like sunscreen, toner is an essential part of skincare. Cleansers can cause a shift in the pH balance of your skin and hence it is always advised to use a toner to balance and maintain the pH of your skin.

A healthy pH balance avoids breakouts and infections and also minimises texture!

Tip: Make sure to Use a Toner that is alcohol free and suits your skin’s needs.

3. Essence:

If You’ve heard about k-beauty and the 12 step skincare routine that comes along with it you already know this one. Essence is a power packed formula that helps rejuvenate and hydrate the skin! . You’ll notice that it isn’t as watery as a toner but still water based!

Tip: Most essences are water based, some also have a heavier formulation and consistency.

4. Next is Ampoule:

Have you heard about Ampoules ?

Ampoules are similar to serums but much, much more potent and strong. Ampoules help target a specific concern and work faster and efficiently compared to a serum.

When using an ampoule, you only need a little as it’s super concentrated.

Tip: Ampoules and Concentrates Go hand in hand. Apply depending on consistency, the lighter first.

5. Serums:

Ampoules and Serums are pretty much the same thing only difference being Ampoules are much more concentrated.

Everyone’s favourite! Serums are an absolute joy to use. Serums help rejuvenate and nourish the skin targeting skin concerns and showing results!

Tip: Depending on Consistency water based serums go before Moisturiser and Oil based after moisturiser.

Here’s one of our Best selling Serums:

Pumpkin Rejuvenating Serum

6. Moisturiser:

Now that you are done with an extensive routine you can finish off with your Favourite moisturiser. Make sure to use one that suits your skin-type and your skin’s needs.

Tip: If you’ve extremely oily skin you can skip the moisturising in the day time keeping in mind that you’ve followed the steps above.

Tip: At night, switch the moisturiser for a night cream or sleeping mask !

7. Eyecream:

Eye-creams and Eye serums come last as you only need a little of it. Once your done treating the other areas of your face it’s easier to apply the eye-cream just on the target area. This helps to not go overboard with the quantity of eye-cream that you use.

With Eyecreams, the general rule is little goes a long way. It is absolutely important to invest in one as we show signs of ageing near the eye area faster that any other region.

Tip: If you’ve dry patches around your mouth, a little eye cream can help moisturise and heal that!

8. Finish off with Sunscreen:

Never skip your Sunscreen in the day time. Especially if you are stepping out of house. And If the sun-rays hit you!

Tip: Use a Sunscreen with Spf greater than 30++ and always invest in a broad spectrum Sunscreen.

Here’s a post to help you figure out your Sunscreen. There might be a few things you be doing wrong, here’s a link to clarify all your doubts

Skincare Do’s and Don’ts: Sunscreen & Spf

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