Summer Skincare Must Haves featuring Glamaroma.

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It’s been quite some time since we last updated you with a post. We’ve been working on a couple of posts so rest assured there’s a lot of information coming your way make sure you are prepared with your notepads !

Today We are gonna discuss some Summer must Haves for your skin that’s gonna help you beat the heat featuring Glamaroma!

Starting with the first step of skincare – Facewash;

It’s time to update your inventory and switch to a cleanser that helps you cleanse your skin without stripping away the natural oils of your skin. Additional brownie points if you can find a Facial Cleanser that can help get rid of tan and also heal your skin!

For Cleansing, we recommend the new Pumpkin Skin Renewal Facewash a refreshing facewash that helps cleanse and refresh the skin while also helping with skin Renewal and treatment of scars and any active acne !

Cool off that heat with some mists;

Facial mists can be an instant pick me up for your skin especially during the summertime. For summers, we recommend focusing on refreshing & soothing mists.

Here’s are the two recommendations we have for you, pick your winner according to your skins need!

If you are a makeup enthusiast the Rose Gold Facial Mist might be your pick.

The Rose Gold Facial Mist is a blend of 24K gold flakes, witch hazel and other skin soothing ingredients that help balance the pH and make the skin radiant !

This mist also preps the skin for makeup and helps refresh and reset your makeup during busy hours. You can also set your makeup using this guy!

The second one is our popular Distilled Neem Water, a brilliant and pure concoction of neem that helps treat the skin while also balancing out the skin’s pH level. A definite must have if you’ve super sensitive and acne/infection prone skin. Also a great ingredient for your DIY masks!

Harsh summer = tanningg!

With the harsh weather and that sun shining right in your face it is time to focus on protecting your skin and also on ways to get rid of that summer tan !

Exfoliating can be a great way to get rid of tan, pigmentations and any other impurities on the skin that needs some extra action.

For super sensitive and acne prone skin we recommend the new Pumpkin Skin Renewal Scrub, a gentle and non-abrasive Facial exfoliator that helps get rid of tan, brightens the skin and also helps with skin texture, those pesky bumps and blackheads !

For some extra cleansing + exfoliating + peel+ masking action we recommend The Enzyme Skin Polishing Grains, a soap free cleanser + exfoliant packed with 4 fruit enzymes that help break down the keratin in the skin and fasten skin renewal cycle!

Tip: The Enzyme Skin Polisher works great as a skin brightening mask !

Boost your skincare game,

Treat your skin with some skin soothing and healing face packs. We recommend trying out the Dead Sea Mud Mask, a 99% mineral mask that helps treat the skin and also curbs any active acne. A super quick detox recipe that helps calm the skin, soothe any irritation and doesn’t take years to dry down !

A gentle yet effective skin treatment that helps refresh and renew your skin on the go.

Moisturise, hydrate and lock that in !

Lastly, Treat your skin with all the goodness and hydration it needs with our special range of Facial serums !

Pick you Favourite or pick them all.

A solution to for every skintype !

•For Dry Skin = Pumpkin Renewal Serum

•For Acne Prone/Blemishes = Pigment Clear Serum

•Anti-Ageing = 24K Gold Serum

•Chapped Lips = Sugar Kiss

•Under eyes = Coffee Infused Serum

Wait did you think that was the end, nope not without mentioning Two Summer MUST haves !

The Aloevera Skin Soothing Gel, We don’t have to tell you that it is the perfect season to whip out some fresh natural aloe for your skin & hair concerns.

Perfect to whip up some DIY skin remedies for sunburn, infections or for just some skin soothing action after a waxing section!

Lastly, Don’t you dare to step outside without sunscreen. The Gojiberry + Carrot Seed Sun Protection cream is a hybrid between skincare and sun protection. With an Spf of 30, Gojiberry and Carrot seed extracts this sun Protection cream also helps reverse signs of ageing and slows down ageing while taking care of your skin !

A non comedogenic matte and oil free formulation that is a must try this season. With time you will notice your skin doing better than before !

We hope this list helps you choose and switch up products for your summer time routine.

Check the products mentioned above here : and use the Code: Blog10 for discountss !

Happy summers!

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