Tackle Frizz Stress Free

Frizzy hair can get quite difficult to work with and manage.

Before beginning with how to tackle frizz.

Here are two main reasons why your hair can get Frizzy;

Lack of moisture in Your hair.

• Humid environment or excessive moisture in the surrounding.

Here are four tips to help you manage the frizz.

1. Always condition after shampoo.

We often forget to condition after shampooing our hair. Neglecting conditioner after Shampooing our hair can dry out our hair and make it frizzy.

2. Treat your hair with hydrating masks once a week.

Using a hydrating mask once a week helps treat dryness,brittle hair and also helps deep condition the hair and scalp.

3. Include anti-frizz serums and cream in your haircare routine.

Including anti-frizz products help lock in moisture and prevents your hair from drying out.

4. Use sulphate free shampoos and conditioner.

Chemical based shampoos contain sulphates that tend to strip off the natural oils in the hair. Pick shampoos with nourishing and moisturising ingredients.

5. Avoid washing your hair with Hot water.

Hot water showers can strip off the natural oils of your hair causing it to become dry, brittle and frizzy.

Things to keep in mind:

• Frizz is extremely common during the rainy season.

• Include oils and serums in your routine.

• Avoid excessive styling with hot tools.

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