Things to do for Glowy Skin !

The easiest way to define would be skin that looks fresh, healthy and radiant from within !

Glowy skin = Healthy, fresh and rejuvenated skin.

Tip: Your diet has a lot to do with how your skin appears.

Here are few things you can do to make sure your skin is healthy and vibrant.

Let’s begin with


Number one step to making sure your skin is healthy and it’s best state is to make sure it’s exfoliated often. Exfoliation helps slough of dead skin cells and smoothen and rejuvenate the skin.

Tip: You can DIY a quick fix with some Oats and curd.

Pay attention to your skin’s need.

Feeling a little extra dry or oily. Make sure you keep track of your skin is doing/feeling.

If you’ve been feeling drier than usual, use a hydrating serum/oil/masking treatment.

If you’ve been feeling extra oily use a mud based mask to suck up all that extra oil !

Tip: We recommend checking our Our Pumpkin Honey Mask for Hydration and the Dead Sea Mud mask for a quick detox.

Always Tone after face wash.

Toners help balance the pH of the skin and are quite an essential. A healthy pH barrier is necessary for maintaining the oil levels and natural state of the skin. You can also choose toners with special ingredients that can help your skin.

Tip: Choose toners that help combat your concerns.

•Include a Facial oil

Facial oils can be your best friend if used properly. They help you lock in moisture. Seal the actives in your skin and allows Your skin to feel and look naturally radiant !

Tip: Pick an oil according to your skin concerns.

Do not skip your moisturizer.

Doesn’t matter if your skin is oily or super dry moisturizer is key to healthy glowy skin. Moisturizers allow the skin to stay healthy, nourished and energized!

Tip: Pick an Aqua based formulation if your are extremely oily..

SPF always !

Remember Prevention is better than cure. Never step out without your SPF especially during the day time. Your skincare is practically use less if you aren’t using an SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.

Until next time!

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