Three GlamAroma Products for Healthy Hair growth.

Hair growth can be a tricky aspect ! Especially as it depends on a lot of factors. This includes your health, genetics and even stress !

Figuring out your Hair type and it’s growth cycle is quite important when it comes to hair growth.

Today we will be discussing 3 products that will help you fasten your hair’s growth cycle and also facilitate healthy growth.

Let’s begin with a super potent blend;

Hair Restoration oil.

Oiling your hair weekly can be quite beneficial for your hair. Oiling helps increase the tensile strength of your hair strands which helps with dryness, brittleness and frizz !

As the name suggests this blend focuses on complete scalp and hair restoration. The oil is a blend of 13 potent hair and scalp rejuvenating oils that help deeply stimulate the scalp and strengthens the hair from root to tip preventing hair fall.

Here’s why you should check out our Hair Restoration oil;

•Rejuvenates and strengthens your scalp and hair.

•Prevents hair-fall and stimulates hair growth on a follicular level.

•Prevents premature greying of the hair.

•Treats dry flaky scalp and dandruff.

•Helps kill lice and prevents lice.

•Makes your hair strong and manageable.

An easy fix available in two sizes at GlamAroma

Our second recommendation isn’t exactly a single product but two, as these are supposed to be used together!

The Saffron Rejuvenating Duos.

A Cleansing and Conditioning duo that is formulated with the Highest Grade Persian Saffron to Stimulate and rejuvenate your hair from the Root to tip !

A Sulphate free and SLES free blend that does not feature any unnecessary harsh ingredients.

The blends focus on deep cleansing and conditioning without striping away the natural oils of your scalp !

Here’s why you should check out the Shampoo;

• Deep cleanses your scalp and hair without drying it.

• Makes the hair manageable, smooth and tames the frizz.

• Suitable for all Hair types and strengthens the Hair with every wash.

• Prevents hair-fall and reduces hair damage.

Here’s why you should also check out the conditioner

• Seals the moisture into the hair strands.

• Unnecessary Harsh Chemical free formulation.

• Tames the frizz.

• Makes the hair manageable and smooth.

Our Final Recommendation is the Hair Tonic ! A definite winner in the last. If you had to choose only one product from this list go for this one. A must try that you will not Regret, especially if you’ve been wanting to focus on your hair growth.

The Rejuvenating Hair Tonic is a blend of scalp revitalising ingredients that focus on Hair growth !

The tonic provides deep stimulation to the scalp and helps boost hair growth while preventing hair fall.

Along with promoting hair growth the Hair tonic keeps your scalp fresher, can be used before and after hair wash and also helps add volume to your hair while treating dryness !

You can also check out our special curated Hair care kits.

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