Summer Ready : Glamaroma Neem Distilled water !

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We were gone for a while so we are pushing out blogs back to back to help you tackle this Summer heat. Or like they popularly say, Beat the Heat !

We recently asked our audience on Instagram for recommendations on what they wanted us to write about and we got a couple of requests for the Neem Distilled Water !

And it was in time for the season.

So here we are, we’ll be discussing about our popular Facial Toning/Soothing Skin Tonic: The Glamaroma Neem Distilled Water.

Here’s some info about our idea behind the Neem Distilled water:

Distilled water is one of the purest and cleanest form of water, collected by the method of distillation. Which is separating liquids by boiling. Adding Neem into this makes is a super potent skin and hair tonic !

Specifically formulated with Neem and other skin soothing ingredients for Acne prone and super sensitive skin. This neem concoction helps heal active acne, zits and prevent further infections and breakouts while also working on lightening scars and blemishes.

Along with skincare, you can also use the Neem water for your hair and DIY hair masks to prevent flaky scalp and also lice.

The Neem water comes packaged in a Spray bottle packaging and can be carried on the go. All you gotta do is Spritz some on to freshly cleansed skin and continue with your normal routine.You can also use it before and after makeup for a softer and skin like finish!

Here are a few benefits of incorporating the Neem Distilled water:

•Helps Cleanse & purify the pore.

•Heals active Acne & Pimples.

•Prevents further breakouts.

• Prevents infections.

•Heals scars & blemishes.

•Repairs & tones the skin.

•Provides Relief from skin ailments like ringworms.

•Helps Preventing Dry Scalp and Lice.

•Can be used over makeup.

You can also use this in you DIY face masks for soothing inflammation and curbing acne !

Our favourite Easy Skin Recipe is : Mixing a little turmeric and the neem water and using it as spot treatment, make sure to test this out on your hands before applying this on the face especially if you are sensitive to turmeric!

With regular and consistent use you will notice your skin feeling and doing better. For excessive acne or infections we recommend re-applying the tonic with a cotton pad twice on the infected area.

We’ve covered all of the details and things you should know about the Glamaroma Distilled Neem water ! Hope this was helpful we will be coming back with another post super soon.

Here’s a link to the Glamaroma Neem Water !

You can use the code BLOG10 for some coins off on your purchase !

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Until next time !!

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