What is Purging ?

Purging is when your skin turnover is accelerated due to an introduction of a new product into your skincare routine.

As Skin turnover facilitates healthy skin turnover, for this to happen your skin must first “purge” all the accumulated gunk (deadskin cells, dirt, build up and excess sebum)

In short: Purging is a process that your skin goes through to accommodate a new cycle.

Purging often happens in the form of bumps or blackheads. These pop up in areas where you tend to break out causing you to wonder if you are breaking out, this also causes people to give up on the product.

The main difference between a break out and your skin purging is how Skin purging heals and gets better sooner than active acne.

What causes purging ?

Products with ingredients that boost skin turnover cycle can cause purging. You might also notice your skin purging when you make any lifestyle or diet changes!

Even though skin purging is common when you introduce a new product not everyone faces purging. This depends from person to person it’s more commin among people with sensitive skin and people that prone to acne.

How long does It take for Purging to subside ?

On an average it can take upto a month as your skin cycle turns-over.

Things to keep in mind while your skin is Purging:

Be gentle.

Treat your skin with hydrating and soothing products.

Avoid products that might cause irritation.

Use an spf to avoid sun sensitivity.


Allow your skin to take a breather.

Allow your skin 3-4 weeks to clear on its own.

If you notice a severe reaction followed by the Purging discontinue the use of the product.

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