Why moisturize ? Debunking Moisturizer.

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Today we’ll be talking about moisturisers.

Let’s begin with What a Moisturizer does for your skin.

Moisturizers are the third step to your basic daily skincare routine. They help bring in moisture back into your skin and prevents your skin from drying out.

It’s absolutely important to moisturize your skin, moisturizers help balance the oil levels in your skin and also prevent Acne and other skincare issues !

Tip: When picking a moisturizer it is absolutely important to pick one that suits your skin type.

For Dry Skin:

If you are on the drier side of the skin type scale. It’s absolutely necessary to include a rich and super hydrating moisturizer in your routine with ingredients that will also keep your skin hydrated for a long time.

Incorporating Rich Facial Creme/Cream formulations or Rich Facial oils can help lock in the hydration and help the skin stay moisturized and radiant !

Tip: Look for moisturizers/products with Hyaluronic Acid !

For Oily Skin:

A common mistake that people with oily skin tend to make is skip moisturizer due to fear of the skin getting more oily or worse pimples !

Whereas it’s completely opposite, your skin tends to Produce oils to make up for the lack of moisture on the skin. So when you don’t really moisturize the skin your sebaceous glands tend to make up more oil to avoid the skin is already oily !

For Oily skin types It’s best to choose Humectants, humectants help retain moisture in the skin. This means no extra oil production!

Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin are examples of humectants. Also don’t forget to choose a non-comedogenic product when you pick one !

For combination skin:

For combination skin, it’s best to choose an aqua based formulation as it’s light weight and helps supply the needed moisture to the skin without making it too greasy !

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind if you are looking for a moisturizer.

• Make sure you check the ingredients and pick one with ingredients that suit your skin type.

• Pick a moisturizer with humectants that help retain the moisture on your skin !

• Pick a moisturizer that suits your skin’s needs, pick a hydrating formula for dry skin and for oily skin go with formulations that are light on the skin and prevent breakouts!

• Include Facial oils in your routine this will help lock in the hydration !

• Look out for products that have moisturising agents and are non-comedogenic.

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