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Hair Rejuvenating Tonic

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    If you are troubled by hair loss and slow hair growth here’s a perfect solution to most of your hair related problems. Our Hair rejuvenating Tonic is a water based formula which is blend of exquisite ingredients that penetrate into the scalp and stimulates the root to promote healthy hair growth.

Hair Rejuvenating hair tonic is a perfect solutionto most of your hair related problems. Our Hair rejuvenating Tonic is a waterbased formula which is blend of exquisite ingredients that penetrate into thescalp and stimulates the root and promotes healthy hair growth. It helps reduce hair fallby strengthening the hair from root to tips. Consistentuse of the Rejuvenating Tonic helps Develop hair follicles and also promotesfaster hair growth. Our Hair tonic also helps prevent thinning of hair andbreakage.

Feature Ingredients:
KoreanGinseng: Helps Increase the number of dermal papilla cells in the scalp bypreventing natural cell death. Ginseng also stimulates the scalp, encouraginghair growth. It also helps prevent & slow down hair loss.

Hops: Hopshelp reduce Hair-fall tremendously while also smoothening the hair naturally.

Hibiscus:Rich in vitamin C and amino acids, the flowers improves the blood circulationunder the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Bhringraj:A popular Ayurvedic ingredient that helps boost blood circulation to the scalpand stimulates it which triggers hair growth. An improved blood circulationensures better nourishment for your hair follicles, resulting in healthy hairgrowth.

•Reduces Hair-fall.
•PromotesHair Growth.
• Nourishesthe Scalp.
•Strengthensthe Hair from Root to tip.
•Reduceshair breakage by strengthening the shaft.
•ReducesHair thinning.

Hair andscalp rejuvenating leave on hair mist.

Spray TheRejuvenating Hair Tonic as a leave on mist All Over the Scalp and gently massage for 2minutes.

This hair tonic is the most effective hairfall treatment i have tried. I have been using it for 2 months only but hairfall has reduced drastically. Infact, within a week of using it I felt the difference. My long hair could be seen fallen on the floor.

The hair tonic is amazing. Reduced my hairfall in 1 month with usage of 2 bottles. Never stopping to use this.

Living this product so much. Have been using it since it's been launched. It's like Root to tip rejuvenation in a bottle. I had few bald patches in the middle of scalp and it looked really bad. I started using hair tonic and restoration oil as suggested

Amazing product for hair issues.. Just spray and your are done! Easy to use, affordable and effective 😍

Highly recommend getting this one ! It’s such an efficient and effective product. Something so easy yet manages to blow my mind ! My every order includes one if this !!

This hair tonic is very nice in helping getting rid of hairfall,thinning of hair and also adds a very nice sheen to hair

This one is my saver Thanks to Glam aroma my hair fall reduced and I am amazed visible effect within a week

I started using this product when I was suffering from horrendous hair fall, and this helped a lot

This hair rejuvenating tonic helps many hair related issues

Amazing tonic for hair. It took me 2 weeks to see visible results. I have itchy, oily scalp and dandruff. Using this for scalp post hair wash regularly has reduced my itchiness alot and it soothes and cools your scalp and gibes a very refreshing effect. Both me and my mom is using this and we love it.

This tonic immediately gives a cooling effect to the scalp, reduces itchiness and have an amazing smell. Drives away the odour due to sweat. The application is very simple and since this is water based product it feels very light on the scalp, doesn't need a clean up process like oil/serum.

It’s my third bottle , superb results ❤️

I was suffering from severe hairfall in the month of august since then i trusted mahera nd askd her what should i use she recommended me this along with other hair care nd trust me this works like magic i can see baby hairs growing out in my bald patches on sides ..also this has a wonderfull smell i even apply this after shiwering and every night befire going to bed ...gave me grt results

I added this to my cart on the basis of reviews it got. Been using it for almost a month. I have very thin hair, sensitive scalp, and was struggling with hair fall. After using it for a month, I strongly recommend this tonic to everyone. Hair fall has reduced considerably, no itchy scalp. Thank you so much !!

This was the very first time i bought a hair tonic..nd am suprisingky amazed with its hair have stopped shedding...highly recommended

Perfect leave on treatment. Hassle free too . Just sprits spritz and ur good to go. Bonus- it smell is so soothing!!

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Hair Rejuvenating Tonic



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