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Luxury Daily Skin Care Kit

Home Combo Skin Care Combo

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Treat yourself Daily Skincare Combo ! (Luxurious skin care kit)

Here’s a perfect a treat for Your skin. Our Treat yourself Skincare Combo is a Set that includes four luxurious skin treatments that helps treat and repair your skin while also

Giving it all the TLC ! This kit not only focuses on your facial skin but also the body!


•A luxurious skin treatment for both the skin and body.
•Focuses on building healthy skincare habits.
•Helps maintain skin.
•Repairs & Treats the skin.
•Slows down ageing while also taking care of complexion.
•Total Care Kit.
•Helps Improve Skin Texture.
•Gets rid of dead skin cells.
•Fastens Skin Renewal Cycle.
•Makes the skin healthier and Radiant.

Product 1:

Vitamin C Brightening Daily Cleanser.

Let’s get our basic right for better skin start with out Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser a brilliant cleanser that especially helpful for getting rid of Pigmentation and If you are dealing with dullness and tanning. Our Daily Vitamin C Brightening Daily Cleanser helps brighten skin, lighten blemishes and acne scars. Increases collagen production and hence prevent signs of ageing. Prevents melanin production and helps with pigmentation. Nourishes and improves skin texture and provides a naturally radiant skin.

•Brightens skin.
•Improves skin texture.
•Lightens Scars and Blemishes.
•Targets Pigmentation by stopping production of melanin.

How to use:

Take a pump of the product and massage it gently onto wet skin for 2-3 minutes and wash it off with cold water for instantly Brighter skin.

Use it twice a day for best Results.
Quantity: 60ml

Product 2:

Rose Gold Facial mist

The Rosegold Facial mist is a facial mist toner which is a blend of 24 Karat Gold Infused Water, witch hazel and few other potent ingredients. This facial mist targets and helps tighten pores and brighten complexion. Hydrates and also smoothens skin while lightening blemishes and scars.

•Tightens Pores.
•Reduces the appearance of Pores.
•Brightens Complexion.
•Helps With Pigmentation.
•Helps Prevent Acne.
•Slows down ageing.
•Prevents Infections caused by breakouts.
•Also helps prep skincare for makeup.
•Acts as a Priming Mist.
•Can be used over makeup to avoid patchiness.

How to use:

Spray directly onto to dry cleansed face and massage the gold flakes in and pat it into the skin.
Can be used over makeup and multiple times once a day.

Quantity: 100ml


Product 3:

24K Gold Serum

A Blend of skin enhancing Essential oils with Real Gold flakes in it, this Serum helps lighten blemishes & Scars, brightens skin tone and also promotes anti-ageing.  It also help’s soothe and calm irritated skin and doesn’t cause further breakouts.

•Soothes and Calms the skin.
• Helps even out skin tone.
• Helps brighten skin.
• Helps lighten scars.
• Can be used Underneath makeup as a primer.
• Evens Skin texture while healing skin
• Can be used as a lip primer and lip moisturiser on the lips.

How to use:

Use 3-4 drops on cleansed dry face and spread it in evenly every night before sleep and let it absorb.
Use every day for better and faster results. For oily skin 2-3 drops are enough.

Quantity: 15ml


Product 4:

Coconut Vanilla Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser

A Ultra Rich non-greasy light weight formula that is super hydrating both for the facial skin and body. A holistic experience.

•Skin enriching and Nourishing Moisturiser for the skin.
•Suitable for all skin types.
•Can be used on Facial skin as well as on the Body.
•Light weight Non-greasy Formula.
•Sinks Deep into the Skin and doesn’t leave a Tacky feel.
•Extremely Hydrating.
•Doesn’t leave the skin oily.
•Perfect Moisturizer to Prep the skin before makeup .

How to use:

Apply an adequate amount of moisturiser onto dry cleansed and toned face, allow it to soak in before pairing it with your favourite sunscreen or makeup.

Apply as required to the body skin. For Dry & Flaky skin apply twice a day for better results.

Quantity: 200ml


Product 5:

Coffee Infused Eye Serum


·   For a Brighter, Smoother & Wrinkle Free Eye. Our Coffee infused Eye Serum helps reduce puffiness while brightening the eye area while also smoothen fine lines.

·   It also prevents crows feet.

·   It reduces dark circles and promotes blood circulation. 

·   Also Helps with eye bags and de-puffs overnight.


How to use:


Apply 1 drop on the under eye area and massage gently every night. Let it soak in overnight and wake up to fresh and soft under eyes.

Quantity: 15ml