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Bright up kit (Basic Anti tan kit)

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Bright up kit ! (Basic Anti tan kit)

A special kit curated that focuses on Evening out the skin complexion by getting rid of unwanted tan and pigmentation. Helps brighten and repair the skin.

•Gets rid of Pigmentation.
•Brightens Skin.
•Prevents Extra Melanin Production.
•Improves blood circulation in the skin.
•Boosts production of Collagen.
•Helps Improve Skin Texture.
•Gets rid of dead skin cells.
•Fastens Skin Renewal Cycle.
•Makes the skin healthier and Radiant.


Product 1:

Vitamin C Brightening Daily Cleanser.

Let’s get our basic right for better skin start with out Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser a brilliant cleanser that especially helpful for getting rid of Pigmentation and If you are dealing with dullness and tanning. Our Daily Vitamin C Brightening Daily Cleanser helps brighten skin, lighten blemishes and acne scars. Increases collagen production and hence prevent signs of ageing. Prevents melanin production and helps with pigmentation. Nourishes and improves skin texture and provides a naturally radiant skin.

•Brightens skin.
•Improves skin texture.
•Lightens Scars and Blemishes.
•Targets Pigmentation by stopping production of melanin.

How to use:

Take a pump of the product and massage it gently onto wet skin for 2-3 minutes and wash it off with cold water for instantly Brighter skin.

Use it twice a day for best Results.
Quantity: 60ml


Product 2:

Soya De-Tan Face Scrub

A gentle exfoliating scrub that helps improve skin texture and skin’s overall health and also fastens the cell turnover cycle. The Soya De-Tan Face Scrub is a gentle and effective facial scrub that can be used everyday. A mild daily scrub that brightens skin complexion removes Skin discoloration and also gives a natural and healthy glow.

•Gentle & effective exfoliation.
•Get’s rid of dead skin cells.
•Removes Skin discolouration.
•Brightens skin complexion.
•Can be used everyday.
•Improves Skin texture.
•Boosts Collagen production and blood circulation in the skin.

How to use:

Apply an adequate amount on face evenly and massage for 5 minutes leave the mask on for another 5 minutes before washing it off with Cold water.

Quantity: 50gms


Step 3:

Milk and Turmeric Facepack

The grandma’s recipe to solve all your dull skin woes. Backed by ancient Indian secrets and science this mask is a one step treatment that will leave you with beautiful glowing skin if in a hurry. This combination of Ingredients work miraculously on brightening skin tone, Detanning, Evening out skintone, Renews Skincells and also Rejuvenates and Hydrates.

•Brightens Skintone.
•Detans the skin.
•Gets rid of pigmentation naturally.
•Evens out skintone.
•Rejuvenates the skin.

How to use:

Apply Milk and Turmeric Brightening Facepack all over your face and neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Use twice a week for better and faster results.

Quantity: 50gms


Product 4:

Pumpkin Skin Renewal Serum

Pumpkin Skin Renewal Serum helps with faster Renewal of the Skin by boosting the Skin Turnover while rejuvenating and Revitalising the skin. The Pumpkin Skin Renewal helps smoothen the skin while reducing and preventing further fine lines and also helps maintain and skin texture.

Also helps heal acne scars and lighten blemishes while also brightening the skin and softening the skin. Provides beautiful glowy skin !

•Helps Heal Acne Scars.
•Lightens Blemishes.
•Fastens Skin turnover cycle
•Detans the skin.
•Gets rid of pigmentation.
•Evens out skintone.
•Rejuvenates the skin.

How to use:

Apply 3-4 drops onto freshly cleansed and toned skin every night before sleep and let it absorb into the skin.

Use every day for better and faster results. For oily skin 2-3 drops are enough.

Quantity: 15ml