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Winter Essentials - Luxe Edition

Home Combo Skin Care Combo

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Bringing You the Glamaroma Winter Essentials Edition for 2018.

 ❄The Luxe Edition.
The Glamaroma Winter Edition boxes are a complete SKINCARE AND HAIR CARE routine on their own, each product is picked keeping all SKIN AND HAIR types in mind during the Indian Winter Weather. . 
With our Winter Edition Boxes we have focused on Keeping the SKIN AND HAIR Fresher, Balanced & Hydrated. 

Our Winter Edition boxes include products that will help tackle Dull & Dry skin and enrich from deep within while also maintaining the skin all throughout. 

Our Luxe Edition is a Complete head-toe Pamper section with also Hair care included!

The Luxe  Features . 

⛄PRODUCT 1: Vit C Cleanser. 
Start your Skincare With Our Vitamin C cleanser to thoroughly cleanse & freshen up the skin.

⛄PRODUCT 2: Rose Gold Facial Mist. 
Use the Rose Gold Facial Mist to Balance the Ph Level and to Tackle Dull skin.

⛄PRODUCT 3: Punpkin Skin Renewal Serum 
Try out one of our Best Selling Serums that help Repair the Skin from within and rejuvenates the skin faster. A Complete Skin Tonic that helps with Scaring and also fights signs of ageing!

⛄PRODUCT 4: Pumpkin Honey Lip Butter. 
How Could we neglect the lips ? 
A Blend Of Pumpkin Honey that softens, hydrates and also prevents the lips from darkening and lightens the lips.

⛄PRODUCT 5: Coconut Vanilla Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser. 
One of our must Tries this season, if you hate tacky feeling lotions this is the one for you, Ultra rich yet goes on super lightweight. A water based formula that is super nourishing but melts into the skin.

⛄PRODUCT 6: Coconut Vanilla Body Butter. 
Be the first ones to try our new butter baby from the Coconut Vanilla Range. A body butter packed with goodness of coconut & Vanilla with a soft shea and cocoa base that deeply replenishes the skin’s thirst for hydration. Perk up dehydrated skin with the Glamaroma Body Butter.

⛄PRODUCT 7: Daily Hydration Hair Oil. 
Deeply Nourish and Hydrate your Scalp & Hair this season with our super light oil.