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Go Pro Makeup Sponge

Home Cosmetics Sponge Highlighter and Blush

Sizes Available : 1 set

Price : Rs. 549

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About :

The Go-Pro Duo.  

After the last successful launch of the Glamaroma Perfect Blend, we decided to take it up a level by introducing Pro Duo which includes a Precision Face Sponge and a Mini Perfect Blend. 

Apply and Blend  

•The new 3 faceted Sponge is great not only to blend but also for easy on the go application. 
•Use the round edge to buff and tap the foundation into the skin and finish of the flat face for a buffed and brushed streak-free finish. 
•The precise tip is cut specifically to fit into hard to reach crevices and help set and bake the contours of your face.  
•Use the Mini Perfect blend for blending and setting your undereye area or for applying highlighter and blush precisely.   Less than 5 minutes:  

•You can now do your complete base makeup on the go with Go-pro in less than 5 minutes. 
•Apply, Blend and finish.  
•Easy to grip due to the shape.    Super Soft Latex Free Sponge  
• Made from the best quality Latex Free Foam the Precision Blender and the perfect Blender hold there shapes even after several washes.  
•The special design helps give a flawless and air brushed finish within minutes. 
•Soft and doesn’t tug on the skin.   The Perfect Companion 
•The Go-Pro duo Comes cased in a Plastic packaging which also includes a metal lid that can be used as your On the Go foundation mixing palette. 
•The Go-Pro duo can be used both wet or dry and used to customise your preference of coverage and finish.  
• Works brilliantly & efficiently with creams, liquids and powders.   Easy To Maintain. 
•Can be cleaned and stored easily.
•Efficient and quick.
•Helps you save money in the long run. 

Tips & Tricks we love & recommend.  

• Use the Flat face of the precision sponge to apply and buff and blend it in with the round edge and then tap and finish with the flat face for even and streak free finish.
  •Use the tip of the precision sponge to bake under your contour and to tap in highlighter precisely over a concentrated area. 
•Use the Mini Perfect blend damp to avoid patchiness and creasing in hard to reach areas.   •Use the Mini Perfect Blend damp to bake and set the under eyes area or just certain small areas. 
• A first wash for the Go-Pro Duo is highly recommended to unleash it’s full bounce!