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Home Combo Skin Care Combo

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Experience complete Skin Renewal with the New Pumpkin Skin Renewal Set which  Includes;  

Step 1:
Pumpkin Skin Renewal Refreshing Cleanser, a unique blend of gentle ingredients that help cleanse and revive the skin from the first wash itself without stripping off the natural oils of the skin and curb acne/pimple/infection causing bacterias.  

•Suitable for All skintype. 
•Skin Nourishing Gentle Face cleanser. 
•Gently Deep cleanses the skin. 
•Prevents Acne and further breakouts. 
•Helps with skin discolouration. 
•Makes the Skin Glowy and Radiant. 
•Doesn’t strip off the natural oils of the skin.  •Brightens the skin.  

Take an adequate amount of facewash onto clean and wet hands and lather it onto damp skin and wash off with water. For better results cleanse your face with the Pumpkin Skin Renewal Facewash before beginning with your morning and night routine twice a day. 

Step 2:
Gentle Exfoliating Scrub   A combination of non-abbrasive physical exfoliation + peeling formulation that helps slough of dead skin cells without being too harsh on the skin. Helps fasten skin turnover cycle, brighten, lighten and tackle uneven skintone and skin texture!  

•Gets rid of dead skin cells. 
•Gets rid of blackheads. 
•Prevents Whiteheads. 
•Improves skin texture. 
• Gentle on the skin. 
•Deep cleanses and mild exfoliation for softer skin. 
•Visibly Brighter skin. 
•Helps even out skintone. 
•Fastens Skin cycle. 
•Tones and heals the skin. 

After cleansing your face, take an adequate amount of the Pumpkin Skin Renewal Scrub and massage gently on damp skin. Apply a little pressure on areas with blackheads and white heads. Use Twice a week for best results. Finish by toning and applying a light moisturiser.  

Step 3:

Pumpkin Renewal Face pack  

A power packed mask with ingredients that help nourish, rejuvenate, hydrate, heal and soothe the skin. A combination of ingredients that work wonderfully for all skin type helps tackle acne scars and active acne. A detox + nourishing recipe for radiant and healthy skin.  

•Revives Dull and Lifeless skin. 
•Makes the Skin super Healthy and glowy. 
•Brightens the skin. 
• Lightens and helps with hyperpigmentation. 
•Cleanses and Prevents Acne. 
•Heals Scars and Repairs the skin.  

Apply an adequate amount of the Face Pack on Cleansed skin and let it sit for atleast 20 minutes before washing off. Use atleast twice a week for better, faster & consistent results.